Handling fire in a Lithium-ion battery on a vessel with e-learning


Lithium ion batteries are used in increasingly larger contexts around us. Good efficiency and reliability have made this type of energy carrier usable in ships, rigs, cars etc.

Based on a seminar with the country's leading professional environments in January 2020, OilComp in collaboration with the Bergen Fire Brigade has developed a course that will provide participants with basic knowledge about function, operation, risk and emergency measures for handling fire in a Lithium-ion battery.


The main target group for this course is seafarers (officers and crew on board), technical and operational management in the shipping companies and firefighters who will come to the seafarers' rescue in the event of a fire on board a Li-ion battery on board a vessel or in the cargo on board.

The knowledge is also relevant to those who prepare regulations, design of vessels and equipment for the maritime industry.


The course is divided into two parts, where you will first complete an e-learning before you participate in a course with an instructor.

E-learning has been named:
Introduction to lithium-ion battery structure, risks and safety systems.

In terms of work, the e-learning part amounts to about 6 teaching hours (a 45 min), while the course collection has a duration of 8 teaching hours and ends with an exam.



OH-6-1-8 E

Brann, Sikkerhet, Førstehjelp

1 day + e-learning



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