Internal schools - Academy

OilComp can offer necessary concepts within e-learning and competence management systems, as well as course administration systems, to companies and organizations that want to develop and run their own internal course business.

We can offer a full-fledged online booking system for managing and registering courses. The system also has solutions for course registration / deregistration, allocation of premises, generation of course certificates and approval of course requests from employees. This system can be linked to OilComps' large network of suppliers for access to courses that cannot be completed on their own.


In operation since 2002

We have developed and operated the "Internal School (Academy)" for one of the country's leading companies in the "Renewable energy sector".

The course booking system can also be connected to OilComp's competence management system .

OilComp Booking System has now been in operation since August 2002. The system for operating internal schools in larger organizations is integrated with the «OilComp Booking System». This system - «OilComp Minerva» has i.a. has been used for competence management and course administration in larger and smaller municipalities since 2002.

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